Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Cup {Heart} Runneth Over

I'm full of emotion today.

I have been very pensive about my son the past week or so. His birthday is coming and that always makes me thoughtful. I not only remember what a big boy he's becoming as he turns a year older, but also that his birthday marks the day he became our son forever through adoption.

Today I visited his school and observed him (through one way windows...if he had seen me, there would be nothing to observe!) as he interacted with his peers, sang songs, did little dances, and was just a cute little boy at preschool. He has come so far in the past year since he has been at his school. He's doing and saying things he couldn't do before. Part of it is that he's getting bigger, but a lot of it is that he has an awesome teacher in an awesome preschool program. My little boy is growing up! The same chubby baby I held for the first time one Thursday afternoon in the local CPS office. He was prayed for and God was faithful.

After the visit to David's school, I did a little check on Facebook. Two different status updates from two separate friends brought tears to my eyes.

One friend posted about the 15th birthday of her twin sons whom she lost at birth. Today was their birthday. Fifteen years ago she was overwhelmed with joys of birth and pain of loss. All on the same day. Now, this beautiful, strong, loving woman has a very active pre-teen. But, she also longs for a sweet baby girl to call her own. We spent some time last week talking about foster care and adoption. Two things very close to my heart. And hers. My heart ached for her today as I could only imagine the heartache she must have been feeling. However, because she has the hope of Jesus Christ, she knows she will see her babies again one day and never have to let go of them.

Another friend posted how she met her 3rd child today. You may remember my friend Lara. I have mentioned her before on the blog, but more recently I asked for prayers for her family as she and her hubs were going to Uganda to adopt a precious boy from an orphanage there. She and Jon arrived at the orphanage and were escorted over to their new baby (really he's an adorable 4 year old!) Read about it here. But, fair warning, you will need some tissues as you read Lara's account of that morning and their meeting. Again, God's grace is evident as people all over the world (literally) prayed for this little boy and this family, and for them to be united. My God is big and faithful.

The circle of life. Two angels are in heaven and two boys are hugged tightly here on Earth. God's grace and faithfulness are evident. Matthew 19:14 says, Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Those twin boys will celebrate this birthday in heaven and their sweet momma will join them one day. Another promise is made: I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him (1Samuel 1:27). My son and my friend's son, and many others, are prayed for every day.

My heart is full. I'm sinking in an ocean of His grace.

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