Wednesday, September 28, 2011

To My Son on His Birthday

My dear sweet David, I will always love your birthday because it marks the day you entered this world. I wasn't there when you took your first breath, but I prayed for you. I didn't get to change your first diaper, but I wanted you. I didn't get to take you home just days old, but God had a plan for me to be your mommy. You see, your birthday is not just a special day for you, it is also my day. It is the day I got to be your mommy. It is the day that you would forever be mine. It would be the day that all my dreams came true. You changed everything for me. Some moments have been hard and some I wish had never ended. Every good and bad and every moment in between have been worth it all. I thank God for you and for making me your mommy. You will always be my baby....

Happy 4th birthday my sweet boy!

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