Monday, January 2, 2012

Bucket List: 2012

My friend Brandi told me what her great grandma used to say..."Whatever you spend your day doing on January 1st is what you'll spend the whole year doing."

I guess that means choose wisely.

I'd like to think that if the first day of the year goes well, you're sure to have a banner year. If that's the case, then my year will be great!

I've made a few resolutions, but I'd like to think of them as more ideas or plans. Seems less oppressive when you call them by a different name. I shared two of my resolves on the blog yesterday. The rest of my "bucket list" for 2012 goes like this:

Attend another Queen Bee Market with the bestie

Be a better momma, wife, teacher, person 

Have a booth at a craft show or market and sell the awesome creations my BFF and I create


Make/do a even small percentage of things I've pinned on Pinterest

Kick my soda habit

Take my photography to the next level

Spend less

Give more

Make and use more "natural" cleaning products

There you have it.  With my previous two life suggestions, that makes an even dozen on my bucket list for 2012.  I'm excited about what the year will bring.  I've got a wonderful family, awesome friends, and a great, big, gracious God.  Who could ask for more?!

Meanwhile, back at The Headquarters (aka: my home), I've got fun projects in the works.  Stay tuned....

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  1. I think I'll work on my list today! Two are done for me : ]