Monday, January 9, 2012

Operation: Kitchen Revamp {Part 1}

So, before the easy-livin' of my Christmas break came to a screeching hault, I got a wild hair to buy some new furniture for the family room.  New furniture meant I needed to rearrange the existing furniture, which, in turn, recreated a furniture arrangment dilemma involving a bookcase that was too big.  Long story family room furniture = kitchen getting a face-lift. It's a slippery slope, I know.

The guilty party is pictured here:

I began de-tchotchke-ing the shelves pre-photo op.
I decided "Big Oak" (as I like to call this bookshelf) needed a new home.  While we currently had a small, black book shelf in our kitchen that housed some cookbooks, dishes, and kitchen what-not, "Little Blackie" was not cutting the mustard. Kitchen pun intended.  "Big Oak" was about to get a new name and a new home.  "Little Blackie was on the way out.

Here's "Little Blackie" looking all small and pitiful.

My kitchen is white with some splashes of red.  My first inclination was to paint the bookshelf black.  It is, after all, the color of the current piece in the kitchen, not to mention, the color of our kitchen table and chairs.  My next thought was red.  It was a natural possible choice because I had decorated my kitchen with red.  However, I was not feeling either of those hues.  I needed more.  The final choice was a toss up between yellow or aqua.  Both perfect color compliments to red.  Both colors I loved.  With encouragement from my BFF, it was decided.  AQUA!  Without hesitation, I got myself down to the closest home improvement store and picked out a delightful little shade of the blue-green hue from Martha Stewart. (Apparently Home Depot won't be carrying Martha Stewart Living paint any longer, so it was on sale, BIG TIME).

Prepped for paint.

Here's the color.  Ain't she pretty?! It's called Lagoon.
Coat #1

And here is the finished product.  "Big Oak" is now "Big Aqua".  I love her and all her aqua-ness.  



So, to recap:



So much better.

Stay tuned this week for Operation: Kitchen Revamp Parts 2 and 3....

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  1. I thought I loved "little blackie" but I now know it wasn't true love. The love I feel for "BIG Aqua" is the real deal. Great color choice! I want to come sit in your kitchen and write on the table : ]