Friday, January 13, 2012

Operation: Kitchen Revamp {Part 2}

If you missed Part 1, in which I transformed an ordinary bookcase into colorful kitchen awesomeness, read about it here.

So, although I featured the bookshelf makeover first, it wasn't actually the intial victim in the kitchen revamp.

Meet our kitchen table....

More specifically, meet the lovely discolorations on our kitchen table....

I didn't really want a tablecloth, so there had to be another option.  And, like a cartoon lightbulb above my head, the idea came to me...CHALKBOARD PAINT!  Who wouldn't love that.  It's fun and interactive.  Like a dinner show at every meal.

So, I went to work.  Here are my supplies.  The chalkboard paint is readily available at your local home improvement store, but they do keep it under lock and key with the spray paint.  You also need a high-density foam roller.

Since I was only painting the top of the table, the prep and painting were super easy.  I cleared it off, rolled on a couple of coats (drying a few hours in between, according to instructions), and we were ready to draw.

Well, not just yet.  Again according to instructions on the can of paint, you must allow the paint to cure for 3 days, then "condition" the writing surface by coloring over it entirely, then erasing it. (This is to ensure better erasing after writing and drawing).

I did this process, but was kinda of disappointed with the look of it.  It had not erased very well, and was, well, kind of chalky looking.  After our first meal, with greasy fingerprints and all, I wiped it clean with a mild kitchen cleaner and wrote on it without the "conditioning". (Which the instructions said needed to be done after every time the surface was cleaned.  Not really reasonable for a kitchen table that would be cleaned at least once a day.)  Anywho, I found that the chalk erased just fine without the conditioning step and I liked the way it look, too.  Less, chalky, and more flat black.

Here's the finished product (after my intial conditioning process)....

And, here is my little man breaking it in....

I adore this table!  It's going to be super fun and easy to decorate for each holiday by drawing a fun picture or writing a cute message.  Or, my little man can entertain himself with some chalk and his imagination while momma cooks up supper. The other day the hubs even used the table to write me a grocery shopping reminder.

Okay, so there's still one more installment of the kitchen revamp to come.  Stay tuned....

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